If I could speak to the girl I was a year ago, I would tell her so many things. Many girls in my life are the girl I was a year ago and I need to speak to them, because I believe God does not waste pain or trial or circumstance or anything whatsoever, actually. I have learned so many lessons this past year and this year to come is about to be one of the most life changing of my entire life, and it is time to share these lessons. Everything we go through (or are going through) is meant to be a testimony to others. To my beautiful friends, to those whom I’ve mentored, to my younger sisters. I need to write to them. My heart is for them. So I have decided to publish the things written in my dark bedroom after crushing days, as well as joyous lessons summarized in bright coffee shops. I spend so much time stringing words that are jumbled in my mind together on paper and the only thing I’ve done of importance, the one thing I’m best at, is the encouragement of the people around me. I become more and more convinced that it’s the thing I was created for every day. I believe things need to be written that only I can write, just as there are things only you can do because you were made and molded specifically for them. I have too many words to know what to do with. They do not stop flowing and it is a waste to keep them to myself. So here goes nothing!


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