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Courage for the Unknown Season Review

Courage for the unknown Season is one of the most heartfelt and refreshing books of wisdom I’ve encountered. Jan Silvious has lived through enough decades to have seen it all. She fills these chapters with practical advice and stories of people she has encountered. Meanwhile, she somehow manages to do it in a way that makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time. Jan explains how at any season of life in which we are encountering changes, there are always things to appreciate and learn from. She highlights the fact that change is not bad, but inevitable. She gives real life and God spoken ways to go through unknown seasons.

Jan’s wit, humor, and joy all tie into the godly wisdom of a woman who has seen so much life and death in her many years and can speak as someone who has come out victorious. There is incredible worth in sitting and listening to the experiences and wisdom of older generations, and that’s just what this book brings. It’s like having coffee with Jan, and all the while growing more capable of walking through what’s ahead. She gives you courage that you, too, can walk through these unknown seasons and come out the other end better and more grateful.


Habits of the Heart

If you’re anything like me, you need fuel for the day. Having a daily devotional is a wonderful tool, but a lot of the time the task of finishing your typical 3 page devo when you’re in a rush is too daunting to even begin. With habits of the heart, I never have the “I didn’t have time” excuse.” when I need a pick me up on my lunch break, or a quiet minute with the lord in my parked car, this is my go to. It may be small, but the weight and depth of it is heavy. Those few words will have me pondering and questioning all day long. It keeps me on the one specific topic and helps me to remember what I learned since it is so focused. One of the best features this book has to offer is it’s ability to keep you on the same subject all week long. Habits are repetition and this allows you to really soak in all you can get out of whatever heart habit needs to grow in you. Habits of the heart is going for lasting change.
You will be amazed at how beautiful it will align with whatever season you are going through. God will use this book as a way to teach you the lessons he wants all his children to learn and it will truly create things in your heart that will benefit your walk with the Lord long after you finish this beautiful little book. I would recommend this to any and everyone on a journey with the Lord.
Tyndale House Publishers has provided you with a complimentary copy of this book. Habits of the Heart.png