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The Book of Amazing Stories

the book of amazing storiesWho doesn’t love a good story? One of adventure, intrigue, and world change? There is something about learning the behind the scenes details of what made up the lives of the greatest world changers that really excites us.

The Book of Amazing Stories is a gem. It is full of detail yet concise and to the point, easy enough for an adventurer who can’t stay still or the avid reader who finds adventure within the pages to both enjoy. It is so beautifully written that you will want to keep flipping the pages day after day and learning the stories of our most beloved heroes. You will be so eager to get to the next day and read the next story! This book does not discriminate. It tells the stories of both the sinners and the saints and finds the golden nuggets of truth and wonderful lessons to be learned in all of them. The end of each day comes with an applicable verse that has quickly become my “life verse” for the day I’m in. Dr. Robert is a mastermind at plucking out the best life lesson and summarizing what can be absorbed, giving us a quote to live our lives by. You will quickly see how this book can be read as a devotional, giving you so much to reflect upon throughout the day and live by as you go through your routine. You will take comfort in seeing how these world changers went through many of the same things as us.

The Book Of Amazing Stories will no doubt inspire, captivate, and strikes a chord with something deep inside our human hearts: passion, to make a difference. No matter what age race, or gender, this beloved book will create a flame in you to change the world too.


Anatomy of an Affair By Dave Carder

I adore my husband. He walks in the room and I still can’t understand how attractive he is, to the point where everyone around him pales in comparison. He’s my favorite person to talk to and the only male attention I crave. He makes me laugh the hardest no matter my mood. Cheating on him is the last thing I would ever do. But I genuinely believe everyone feels this way and we become to naive so quickly. We are at our most vulnerable when start to believe it could never be us. The enemy hates marriage and our flesh loves sin. This book made me look at affairs in a totally different light. They are just a few short steps in the wrong direction for everyone. Pastor Dave’s writing made me see real life experiences mixed with real life wisdom on the subject and my eyes have been opened to what to look for, what to avoid, and what I would’ve seen as innocent before I now see with much more clarity and therefore, move with much more caution. I think acknowledging that an affair can happen to even the most committed and loyal person if certain factors are in place really would shock and educate so many people. The engaging questions discussed in this book are ones that make you eager to sit down with your spouse and explore. This book gives a platform for this kind of open communication and growth in a marriage. As a newlywed, reading this book was a precautionary measure that I know will benefit my marriage forever. It also has made me want to share with my married girlfriends and has given me so much more wisdom on the subject. I am thankful for this book!

20 Things We’d Tell Our Twenty Something Selves!

As believers, we know that everything in our lives God works together for good in the end. We know that we go through experiences to learn pivotal lessons for our growth, to become sanctified, and to transform more into the image of Christ. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t soak up great advice in the process. That we can’t take all the wisdom we can get BEFORE the storm in the valley and apply it so that we grow quicker and experience less heartache. That’s what this book is all about. We gain real wisdom from those who have walked before us. This book brings to us real life application and reflection on where we are at this stage, our 20’s. It questions everything and makes us really stop and think and examine ourselves. Our motives. Our choices. Our mindsets. I could not get enough of it. The lessons I took from this book will stick with me forever, and I know the friends I have been sharing it with will gain so much from it as well. Kelli and Peter write with honesty and grace and meet us right where we are and I am forever grateful. I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers for the purpose of this review.