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The Best Way To Spend Time With Jesus Is To Go spend Time With Jesus

I can remember the exact day that the hypothetical scales fell off of my eyes and I realized that this curtain that had been an insurmountable barrier between mankind and God for all of history was completely dissolved in Christ- yet we wasted our time on everything else. I remember that day vividly. I remember feeling so foolish and counting everything going on around me as foolishness. Humans who were once distant from God altogether had perfect ACCESS to God Himself. The creator, the sustainer, came down in order to make a way to call us friend, child, heir. Yet we were wasting our time on meaninglessness day in and day out.

A relationship with God has so many aspects to it, but the highest honor and treasure, the thing that sets my God apart from all others, is that He comes in close and He beckons us to be near Him. This loving God wants nothing more than our attention, time with us, to whisper things to our hearts, to show us how we’re loved and who He is. But it seems as if when I need to be near Him most, I find any distraction possible to remain far. I make excuses. I write God’s beckon to my heart off as legalism (oh yes- we do this often). How could this gift become a chore or something to run from? How could it be placed on the back burner?

I’ve found that the reason we struggle so with just simply spending time in His presence is because we put too much weight on it. And I’ve found that the best way to spend time with God is just to do it.

Listen to Him.

A quiet time does not mean reading a chapter of the Bible and following an acronym to dissect it. That is simply one aspect, one avenue.


Sometimes time with God means reading His word and going into in depth study.

Sometimes time with God means sitting in your parked car and singing out your lungs to worship music.

Sometimes time with God means laying flat on your face on your floor and crying out to Him.

Sometimes time with God simply means finding a quiet place to speak to Him with honesty.

Sometimes time with God means getting artistic and using the creative abilities He’s gifted you.. writing words Him, writing a song,

Sometimes time with God involves markers and crayons while you stream a sermon.

Sometimes time with God means going out into nature and basking in the glory of what He’s made.

Sometimes time with God means going to Starbucks to get away from distractions and reading a Psalm.


But it it always comes back to this: we have access to the Lord. The time we spend in His presence is unmatchable. It changes us. It heals us. It restores us. It opens our eyes. It changes out hearts. We were made to commune with Him and when we do, whatever it looks like in that moment, we are living what we were made for.

When we are closest to him, we are closest to what we were made for.