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Every Good & Perfect Gift 

“So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him.”-Matthew 7:11

This time next week, I’ll be married. A few times over this past week dear friends of mine have asked me to write a blog post sharing how faithful the Lord has been over the course of mine and Malik’s relationship thus far.
If you knew even a portion of our separate testimonies, you would know just how much the statement “this time next week, we’ll be married” tells of the Lord’s faithfulness. If I wrote a blog post about the Lord’s faithfulness throughout our entire relationship, it would be hundreds upon hundreds of words. I won’t share the whole story, but I am compelled to share what the Lord has been teaching in this season. Because He IS faithful, and if I know anything at all, I know that He calls us to share testimonies of His faithfulness.

In recent months the Lord has been evidently showing us just how much He loves giving good gifts to His children.

When people choose to believe in Jesus and walk in faith, it looks different for everyone. But there are a few things that are universal: it is not comfortable, and it is not glamorous. It is more a process of growth than anything else. And growing means stretching. And stretching hurts. The missionary who leaves their home to move to a foreign country will tell you that. And people who go against what is normal or easy to follow what the Lord is calling them to will tell you that. Walking in faith is hard. It is painful. It is scary. And most of the time, we don’t know what the plan looks like because the Lord is teaching us to trust Him. But we are all called to it and let me tell you, He provides for EVERY single need we’ll encounter. And He fulfills our hearts desires.

The first, providing for every need, is hard enough to grasp. But it is simpler than Him fulfilling desires. Even a sinful human father wants to give good things to his child. But the concept of a perfect God who first gives us Himself, then fulfills desires simply because He delights in giving His kids good gifts, is honestly too much to take in. 

When Jesus says that we are forgiven, that a wicked heart is no longer our identity, and that condemnation doesn’t rule over us, we can believe Him. His righteousness is now our own. But sometimes we struggle to trust that. It would only make sense that we struggle even harder to trust that He would actually lavishes love on us freely and delight in giving us good gifts.  

But we have been asking, and the Lord has been not only sustaining, but giving GOOD gifts over the past few months. He has not held out in any area.

Emotionally, He has been more present with us than ever. Spiritually, He has quieted every fear. In relationship, He has brought unity. In the midst of being unsure and feeling unqualified, has given us incredible ideas and spurts of creativity and courage. He has provided opportunity for dreams to be fulfilled in this season. Financially, he has blessed us in ways that can’t even be explained practically. He has enabled us to pay for a wedding. He has brought people into our lives at the exact times we needed them to say the exact truths we needed to hear.

He has been everything to us time and time again.

No, we don’t have every detail figured out. We are depending on the Lord daily to provide, to direct, and to give us our hearts desires. There is no other way to live as a believer, no matter what your situation looks like. We live trusting that He does not change like shifting shadows. We trust that He will continue to do what He has always done and be who He has always been.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”
-James 1:7