Self Care is Spirit Care

To me, devotional means anything sacred that connects us with the Lord. Spiritual health depends a lot on how we spend the quiet moments in our day, as well as the habits we adopt and carry out. I found a list of things to do to “better yourself” on Pinterest the other day and decided it was good enough to add my own personal spin to and share as a blog post. A cluttered mind and life is a cluttered Spirit. I am fervently incorporating these into my own life at the moment in order to declutter.


//Drink a lot of water.
//Eat a big breakfast, average lunch & tiny dinner.
//Fill up on fruits, veggies & natural foods.
//Go for a walk when stressed.
//Spend more time looking at the sky. You will be in awe of what you see.
//Read a book… or 10. Always be reading one and expanding your mind.
//Go to bed earlier, consistently.
//Stop thinking negative thoughts about yourself & others.
//Don’t dwell on the past, turn it into art.
//Enjoy the little things in life.
//Stop judging & comparing yourself to others.
//Meditate on the Word daily, even if it’s only 15 minutes. Soak in it.
//Stop putting things off. It’s better to start somewhere now than later.
//Avoid processed food.
//Meal prep at the beginning of each week.
//Talk to yourself. Tell yourself the truth until you’re blue in the face if need be.
//Stretch daily.
//Listen to music that makes you feel connected to the Lord.
//Go into creation whenever possible.
//Live in a tidy space. Your home/room is your sanctuary after a long day.
//Wear clothes that make you happy & keep you warm.
//Throw away things you don’t need. Spend time contemplating the necessities.


//Check the posture of your heart before responding and making decisions.


//Remember that God sees all the effort you’re making now that seems unnoticed & the work you’re putting in will pay off in the end.




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